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Say NO to 6% Commission – We will sell your property at 2% commission with full service.

Before you decide to take on the challenges of selling on your own, feel free to contact us, with us doing all the work, for the same Buyers Agent Commission as you are offering trying to sell your home yourself, think about it, same price and we do all the work…

The Hawaii Real Estate Team is very familiar with all the local and state laws that govern residential transactions in the State of Hawaii. This is not a small thing – making mistakes in preparing paperwork, researching encumbrances, drafting contracts, understanding contingencies, CCRs, and complying with disclosure laws on everything from mold to lead paint can cost you thousands — and can even kill a sale.

If selling price is at $ with a % commission of $0.00 to a Buyers Agent

► A "Traditional" 6% agent would try to charge you $0.00 including a 4.166% GET tax of $0.00

Our 2% Total Full Service is only $7,000.00 with NO GET Tax Charged.
Traditional 6% Agent - How good is one agent? $0.00
Limited Service "For Sale By Owner" - And you have to do all the work! $250.00
Hawaii Real Estate Team - Hire a Team, not just an Agent and we do all the work. $7,000.00
Listing with the Hawaii Real Estate Tean can Save You up to ► $-7,000.00
We do everything a traditional agent tries to do, and more as a team.
Our 2% total full service fee for listing your property is only $7,000.00 with NO GET tax and offering a 1% Buyers Agent Commission of $0.00 on MLS to an agent who brings us a buyer.

Our 2% Total Full Service is only $7,000.00 and we do all the work, from contract to close of escrow!
In todays Internet Based Real Estate Market, and with the current COVID19 issues, Buyers search for homes online or on their cell phones, they know where they want to buy, how much they have to spend and what the perfect property is for them. THEN they contact an agent, so a Buyers agent has very little involvement in the Buyers Choice. we offerir a 1% Buyers Agent Commission on MLS.

We also split our commission with any buyer we represent, and use this in secondary marketing in the form of offering a 50% Buyer Rebate of $0.00 from the $0.00 Buyers Agent Commission, at no additional cost to you. This allows us to use the buyers rebate in our enhanced advertising to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers.

We do more as a Team than an individual agent can, and we answer the phone...

You can compare at Lets get your property on the market, get it sold and save you $-7,000.00

TIMELINE (1-3 days)
1) Complete listing agreement, will send via email for electronic signature
2) Visit property to photograph
3) We begin preparing marketing systems to launch listing
4) Place on MLS system begin Syndication marketing
5) Market and Sell property

HOW WE MARKET YOUR HOME You can compare at To maximize advertising to get your property sold, we will place on the MLS systems,, Zillow, Trulia and hundreds of other real estate Syndication systems, with our private Listhub account, also when we enter into the MLS systems the listing will be on every agents personal website and seen by their clients,and potential buyers. Our advanced marketing and private account, other agents use only the MLS listhub, syndicates to over 185 Participating Publishers reaching Home buyers and commercial investors on more than 900 distributing Websites as well as on Since most buyers find the property online, Zillow, Agent websites, MLS, etc, they know where they want to buy, how much they have to spend and what the perfect home is, THEN contact an Agent. so we offer a Buyers agent a commission of $0.00 on the MLS making your property more appealing!

Contact us to get your property on the MLS, SOLD and save you $-7,000.00!

Hawaii Real Estate Team